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Full Stack Web Development Django

Role : Developer

Sessions : Monday to Friday (Evening)

Duration : 1 Month

Hands-on Training Topics Covered In Internship

🟣About Internship Programme & Working ethics at Companies

🟣 Introduction to frontend(html,css,js)

🟣 Backend(python) & Django

🟣 Basics concepts of python which needed for Django Development

🟣 Bootstrap-4 and Bootstrap-5

🟣 Creating Django Project and App 

🟣 Django Authentication System Signup and Login

🟣 Login through social media accounts Google, Facebook and LinkedIn using developers API KEYS

🟣 Dealing with database Sqlite3 & Postgresql

🟣 Dealing with static files images, css and js  Creating our dynamic website ,home page, blog page, contact page, add, update and delete pages

🟣 Loading data using Jinja techniques in our blog pages dynamically

🟣 Django Authentication for sending Mails

🟣 Dealing with Database tables and attributes

🟣 Dealing with GIT

🟣 Creating our domain name and Hosting our website in Heroku Server with free of cost

Starts On : August 20th

Trainer  : Anees Rehman Khan (Professional Developer at Infosys)

Experience: 4 Years


🔵 Internship Certificate

🔵 Appreciation Letter


🔴 Getting placed at MNC's

🔴 Better Understanding on Full Stack

🔴 100% Interview Clearence

Training Fees : 1200 Rs



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